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Mining Portfolio Work Continues

Field Notes - Placer Mining

In a large arid region, part of the Chihuahuan Desert, that is Grant County, placer mining would seem out of place. However, the drive to find gold has pushed panning for gold. Therefore it is not surprising one of Grant Counties nineteen mining districts is related entirely to placer mining. However, as Dr. McLemore says with a smile, "in New Mexico you have to bring your own water".

Dr. McLemore, fresh from her national recognition and award in Minneapolis, is rejoining me for more adventure into the forest and wilds of the County. Not only is there seldom water where placer mining is conducted, the practice of dry washing does not work.

The image below contains three piles of placer mining waste rock, each pile showing a finer and finer separation of ground materials. The ground mined was adjacent to the arroyo seen in the background.

placer mining waste piles

Initial Notes from the Field

The last few weeks have been exhilarating and rewarding for me. I have been joined in the field by New Mexico's Economic Geologist, Virginia McLemore, Ph.D. Dr. McLemore is legendary after decades of publications and awards. Her work and dedication have brought benefits to New Mexico's economy and to its citizens interested in minerals and mining claims. She also consults and finds time to teach students at New Mexico Tech - lucky students!

During our second day out, McLemore posed next to an old mining claim marker. She explained, in historic times, paperwork regarding the claim was placed in a tin can underneath the marker to protect it from the elements. Today plastic containers are used and metal signs affixed to the 4x4 post.

mining claim marker

Dr. McLemore is receiving yet another award. This time it is a Distringuished Service Award from the Society of Mining Engineers for "for actively promoting the sharing of technical information, via publications, technical sessions, and alliances with other industry groups, for the betterment of the mining industry and the environment." The presentation is in Minneapolis February 27.

More notes from the field are on their way. Check in from time to time. :>)

Preserving Wild Horses

mustang stallon and father

Ann is lending her efforts in support of The Spirit of the Wild Horse. She spent the first week of December, 2017 visiting with Spirit founder, Judy Barnes, and capturing images of Ms. Barnes with the bands of wild horses she has been supporting for fifteen years in southern Colorado.

In the image above, the stallon on the right is the father of the black stallon on the left. Watching wild Mustangs you quickly see that affection and family are paramont. The image captured the end of what was a series of body movements by the black stallon in greeting his father, followed by the father acknowledging the greeting gestures in this image.