Ann McMahon Photography

Mining Portfolio On Display at Colorado Springs, Colorado

mining history

On September 14th, 2017 The Disappearing Mining Landscape of Grant County opened at the Western Museum of Mining and Industry (WMMI)with a reception and a lecture. WMMI Director, Richard Sauers, says "great exhibit!". Sauers also indicated the lecture by Ann and Andrew Lindlof, a geologist and her colleague in the project, was very well received.

The images printed for this exhibit feature eight of the nineteen mining districts of Grant County. The eight districts represented are those Ann and Andrew have been able to document over the last four and a half years of work. Featured with the photographic prints are rock and mineral samples collected by Andrew. Vic Topmiller of Silver City also donated ore samples from his property at Chloride Flat - where silver was discovered leading to the founding of Silver City.

Efforts by Ann and Andrrew, as well as Mr. Topmiller and historian, Terry Humble, continue to capture scenes, buildings, equipment and rock and mineral samples which are the history and the heritage of Silver City and Grant County. All four of these people believe the culture and history of mining is a main facet of the County. They hope that someday there will be a permanent place for the children who live there to learn about their culture and their heritage.

Payment of Ann and Andrew's expenses have been graciously donated by the Town and Country Garden Club of Silver City and the Grant County Rolling Stones Gem and Mineral Society. The exibit runs thru December 9, 2017